Brow Microblading

Brow Microblading; a form of tattooing & creating a semi permanent look that will help shape your brows to shape your face.

I’ve been looking into microblading for a while but never gave it a chance, until the lovely Emma offered it. Here are my before pictures, horrible yes I know I think I had just woke up, and seriously need to do a deep exfoliation on my skin (# sad sad skin and pores).

Do not worry it’s not the tattooing that you’re thinking, no 80’s oh so horrible line brow, microblading is a delicate form of art. By using a blade they make very fine strokes that mimic your natural growth of your eyebrow hairs. By making these fine strokes it helps to give the appearance of fuller and clean shaped brows.

….let me tell you as most of my friends and family know I do 101 things at once. At the moment with full time shift work and night classes and all sorts of other things going on doing my makeup and feeling fresh isn’t at the top of my list.


  1. Does it hurt
    They use a cream to numb locally numb the area, it is a little uncomfortable and you feel pressure but and a bit of pain but nothing unmanageable.
  2. How long does it last/how often are touch ups
    Most places you have your first treatment and them a few months later get a touch up, it should then last around a year or so depending on what you’re after
  3. Average cost
    First Treatment: anywhere $400-$900
    Touchups: $150-$400
  4. Pre/post treatment advice
    – Avoid alcohol for few days leading up to the procedure
    – No asprin/blood thinners pre
    – Be mindful if you’re unwell it may take longer to heal
    – Swelling and redness may occur as it can be a sensitive area
    – No exercise that will make you sweat too much & keep area dry for 5-7 days
    (Every place is different but these were the main ones)

– Defined effortless brows
– Easy shape to follow for maintenance

– Can be expensive expensive
– Limits activity for the first week whilst healing
– Pain/Noise of the cuts

I really love the end result! Although it was fairly uncomfortable getting them done as around my eye area is fairly sensitive, for a lovely longer term result I’m in. I just have to be sure that for the next few days I maintain my post treatment advice and don’t undo all the hard work!





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