My Attempt at a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe: A collection of clothes, accessories and shoes that are deemed essential

A basic collection of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfit, somewhere from 24-35 pieces. These can be or are rotated seasonally. Capsule wardrobes became popular with the minimalism fashion trend… but to me its just a way to keep my busy life simple and only have pieces that I absolutely love!!!

Most of my family and friends are well aware of my KonMari stage I had/have where I only want to keep things that really spark joy in my life to reduce chaos.

Here’s an example of a few;

Credit : LoveChild                                               Credit:


Here are some ways I am going to make my wardrobe more minimal;
Part 1

  1. Understand my style
  2. Choose a colour pallet
  3. Pinterest board my ideal looks
  4. Make a list of brands that reflect your style, quality and fabrics you might like to include

By visualising and playing with shapes, colours and patterns it helps me plan my capsule/minimalised wardrobe. It also helps me visualise what my next essential quality piece for my wardrobe might be.

Part 2

  1. Pull everything out of my cupboard bag all items of bad quality
  2. Try every piece of clothing on in the mirror decide Keep, 6 month bag, donate or bin
  3. Use Konmari folding
    To be able to see every piece that goes back into the wardrobe

Part 3

  1. Categorise Items
    Clothes (Short and Long Sleeve Tops, Pants/Jeans/Skirts, Dresses)
    Shoes (Boots, Heels, Flats)
    Accessories (Bags, Scarves, Misc)
    ??? Jewellery (unsure whether I do this as my collection is already very minimal)
  2. Work out what you are missing or are doubling up on
  3. Budget for new items
    TIP: It’s important you don’t impulse buy as this will probably increase you items faster than you think, if you really want an item I write it down whether it be in a journal like me or on your phone and wait for you next paycheck and then if you still like it put away money for the item.

Part 4

  1. Find those missing pieces
    Must be; Right size, Right fit, Right Quality, Right Style/Colour, Budgeted…


I work full time shift work and some people don’t realise that can mean up to 10 days in a row and 2-3 days off so when I have my days off I want to feel special and get as far away from my hospital scrubs as possible.

For a while now I have been putting clothing that I feel I’m not using enough into a bag and putting it away for 6 months…well its been 6 months and I don’t miss those items.
I have also been putting clothing that I believe isn’t of good quality in a bag to donate.

I am still trialling this way of styling and minimising my life, for me following rules and steps like this gives me direction and stops me from impulse buying and spending money when I’m bored, out or feel like it.

I have made a real change in life to always have purpose in things I do.

Keep a look out and follow this page as I will post updates as I go!

Jennaroses x


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